Quality cerification


Tooling & Patternmaking

'Drawing to production tooling service.'

Trigg Bros Pty Ltd offers clients access to our in-house design and patternshop services to assist with the development of new, or update existing mould and corebox tooling. According to the application this can be in wood / timber, metal or high technology plastics.

We can also work with customer supplied CAD component drawings for the preparation of
prototype and production tooling.

Alternatively, we can link with our network of approved tooling service providers.


Weldment To Casting Conversion

'Reduced component count and assembly build time'

Trigg Bros Pty Ltd wide experience in casting design and manufacture can be readily applied to converting existing weldments into castings.

Conversion advantages include :
  • reduced component count and assembly build time
  • variable section thickness as / where needed according to stress assignment
  • low distortion due to single piece construction
  • ready integration of bosses wherever attachment points are needed
  • the ability to form complex sections and voids
The example (opposite) practically illustrates the improvements which can be achieved in the conversion of weldments into castings :
  • component count - minimised (from 22 to only 5 parts)
  • welds - eliminated (from 19 to 0)
  • machining operations - reduced (from 8 to just 4)
  • build time - reduced
  • overall costs - reduced
  • reliability - improved
weldment to casting


'Comprehensive metallurgical capabilities.'

Trigg Bros Pty Ltd flexible induction melting system allows us to provide a wide variety of standard and alloyed iron grades including:

  • Grey cast iron to AS 1830 - ISO 185
    (Tensile Grades - 100 to 350 MPa, Hardness Grades - HBW 155 to HBW 255).
  • Ductile cast iron (Nodular Iron) to AS 1831 - ISO 1083
    (All Grades).
  • Wear resistant alloyed irons - including White Iron to customer specification

Metallurgical advice is available to guide decision making on appropriate grades of cast iron
according to application.

We boast a well-equipped testing laboratory with state-of-art spectrographic analysis and
sand analysis equipment to ensure quality standards and customer specifications are

Trigg Bros Pty Ltd is a member of the Ductile Iron Society which recognises achievement of
high standards in the quality production of ductile iron castings.



'High speed flaskless moulding technology.'

Trigg Bros Pty Ltd utilise flexible HMP (Hunter) high pressure matchplate flaskless moulding technology in greensand media for all foundry castings.

Fast tooling changeover aids flexible scheduling for smaller production runs and urgent customer requirements.

  • Casting sizes range from 0.5 to 40 Kg.
  • Mould sizes range from 475 mm x 350 mm x 250 mm (19" x 14" x 10") to 600 mm x 500 mm x 375 mm
    (24" x 20" x 15").


'An in-house support activitiy.'

Trigg Bros Pty Ltd greensand moulding is supported by our in-house core making facilities where shell
cores are required.


Finishing & Post-processing

'Finishing to customer requirements.'

Trigg Bros Pty Ltd can provide a plain casting or post-processing to customer requirements.

Finishing examples include:

  • Galvanising
  • Powder coating
  • Machining
  • Heat-treating
  • Preassembly

Packaging & Delivery

'Freighting across Australia and the World.''

Trigg Bros Pty Ltd is located in close proximity to all forms of freight:

  • Adelaide International Airport and freight forwarding hub - 10 minutes away.
  • Keswick Rail Terminal - 3 minutes away.
  • Port Adelaide Seaport - 25 minutes away.
  • Road Freight Companies - 3 minutes away with convenient access to all major transport corridors.

This enables efficient and economical distribution of clients' products to anywhere across Adelaide,
South Australia, Australia or around the world.