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Casting Examples

The foundry team at Trigg Bros. Pty Ltd mould, cast and finish a wide range of castings to customer requirements, including:

Agricultural Equipment Castings

  • wire strainers, seeder components, tynes and tyne assemblies, ground engaging tools (GET) and
    tillage components.

Automotive Castings

  • disc rotors, hubs, calipers, crankshafts, cams, crankcases, knuckles, pressure plates, brake drums, brake, clutch and drive components, rocker arms, engine power steering brackets, pump and alternator brackets.

Building and Construction Castings

  • anchor nuts, bollards, fence rail supports, rope guides and counter weights, hydrant rises, fence
    spearheads, tie rods and connectors.

Earthmoving Castings

  • digging points, ground engaging tools (GET) and hydraulic cylinder components.

Freight & Transport Castings

  • couplings, rim clamps, brake blocks, brake drums, brake discs, hubs and crane components.

General Engineering Castings

  • clevises, gears, sprockets, clamps, collars, brackets, bushes, flanges, crown wheels, nuts, caps, clips, couplings, knobs, levers, mounts, pinions, pulleys, ring gear, rollers, saddles, racks, sheaves, spacers, sun gears, wheels, worms, yokes, washers, jaws, vices, arms and push rods, adaptors, connectors, base plates and blocks, bosses, flywheels, handles, inserts, hinges, lifting lugs, wear plates and bars, spanners, shafts, supports, pivots, test bars and cones.
  • rail clips, blocks and spacers.

Irrigation Castings

  • pipe connectors and submersible pump components.
  • pump bodies, vanes, impellers, valve bodies, bore caps, handwheels, couplings and bends.

Leisure Equipment Castings

  • BBQ plates, decorative bed brackets, counter weights and bases, croquet hoops, horse shoe quoits, staircase components, camp ovens, post bases, shoe braces, simmer plates, combustion heater doors and components..

Marine Castings

  • trailer components (please refer to our Catalogue section).
  • protection cathodes.

Mining Castings

  • terminal boxes, high wear alloyed crusher blocks, ground engaging tools (GET) and alloyed iron

Power Transmission Castings

  • hydraulic valve bodies, gearboxes, links, pawls, lathe components, mandrels, hoist components,
    bearing housings, electrical connectors, junction boxes, terminal boxes, gear blanks and chain

Public Utility Component Castings

  • inspection covers, grates and grills, survey markers, street boxes and fire plug covers.

Trailer Coupling Components