Quality cerification
Wheel Studs, Wheel Nuts and Dust caps
Wheel Studs, Wheel
Nuts And Dust Caps
Bearings And Seals
Bearings And Seals
Machined Towballs
Machined Towballs
A584 Booster Plate
A584 Booster Plate


General Description

A full range of spares to service of couplings and components.


Wheel Studs, Wheel Nuts And Dust Caps

  • 7/16" Holden wheel nuts and studs.
  • 1/2" Ford wheel nuts and studs.
  • Pressed steel dust caps.

Bearings And Seals

  • Quality Holden and Ford wheel bearings.
  • Standard and marine grade seals.

Machined 50 MM Towballs

  • 3.5 Tonne rating.
  • Chrome plated with 62 MM shank.

Booster Plate - A584 Series

  • Suits 19 MM torsion bars.

    Ordering Information And Replacement Parts

Part Number
 Bearings And Seals
FORD bearing FD-BRG-S
FORD seals (standard) FD-SEAL-S
FORD seals (marine) FD-SEAL-M
HOLDEN seals (marine) HD-SEAL-M
 Wheel Studs And Nuts  
FORD studs (1/2" UNF) FD-STD-S
FORD wheel nut (1/2" UNF) WN-12
HOLDEN studs (7/16" UNF) HD-STD-S
HOLDEN wheel nut (7/16" UNF) WN-716
Dust Caps  
Pressed Steel Dust Cap DC-1
3.5T 50 MM chrome towball with 62 MM shank. TB3562C
Booster Plate - Drilled A584D


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